The Price of God's Miracle Working Power - AA Allen

Asa A. Allen (March 27, 1911 in Sulphur Rock, Arkansas - June 11, 1970 in San Francisco), better known as A.A. Allen, was a Pentecostal evangelist And Healing Minister. He was a major figure in The 1950's Healing Revival in North America. The Healing Revival is a term used by many American Charismatics in reference to a revival movement in the late 1940s and 1950s. A result of this major healing ministry in the post-War era was a renewed belief and emphasis in divine healing among many Christians, and this was a part of the broader Charismatic Movement, a movement which today numbers about 500 million worldwide. This book details Allen's Journey to the discovery that Miracles are Alive and Well even Now and will give you: Positive Scriptural Proof that You too Can....... Work Miracles Heal the Sick Cure Diseases Cast Out Devils You will Learn How to Lay Hands and See Them Recover You will see how to Have Power And Authority over The Devil This book is Inspired by the Holy Spirit By a Direct Revelation From God


If you want to understand the mind behind the creation and some principles that govern the universe, you must read this book. You will understand why some people are more successful than others; why some businesses are more successful than others. The key is in the design: the framework within which you operate your life, your business, your relations. When we align our plans with the mind behind the creation, the foundation is established to guarantee success.

The Rebirth of Africa

In this book the authors have look back into more than 4000 years of history to discover the life cycle of empire, nations. The model was then applied to several empires. It is amazing to see how they all fit into the pattern. For the first time the history of the Church has been place side by side with the history of the world to discover that science and prophecies for the first time agree for the future of the world. If you are interested to know the future of the world to be well prepared for it, you should read this book.

How to study the Bible

It is important to know how to read and study the Word. In this book Watchman Nee teaches you just that.

The Spiritual Man

This is a book every Chistian should read to understand the principles of christianity. If you aspire to grow in understanding of spirituality, you need to read this book. We recommend this book to all disciples.

Normal Christian Life

Many today don't have a clue as to what is a normal Christian life, Even in churches. You need to read this book if you aspire to have a NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE.  By Watchman NEE

God's General

Here are twelve compelling biographies of some of the most powerful ministers ever to ignite the fires of revival by dynamically demonstrating the Holy Spirit's power. Roberts Liardon faithfully chronicles their lives along with their teachings, their spiritual discoveries, and many revealing photos. William J. Seymour, Aimee Semple McPherson, Smith Wigglesworth, and Kathryn Kuhlman are just a few of the charismatic faith leaders you'll meet in this book. Get ready to see how God worked in the lives of these generals! By: Robert Liardon

My Christian Friend Slept with My Husband

The journey of Forgiveness - The true story related in this book prides itself in the attempt it makes to navigate the reader through the complex field of relationships. A married friend, a christian, a mother who considers you a brother or a sister but sleeps with your spouse and never apologizes, never says I'm sorry. Should you forgive? If yes, how do you forgive the un-forgiveable?

Spiritual Autority

Authority is a tremendous thing in the universe, nothing overshadows it. God s throne is established on His authority. God s authority represents God Himself. God alone is authority in all things; all the authorities of the earth are instituted by God. It is therefore important for us who desire to serve God to know the authority of God. God s authority is absolute, hence we must give Him absolute submission (our hearts attitude) and absolute obedience (our outward actions). But to His delegated authorities we can render absolute submission, but only relative obedience. For their authorities are circumscribed by the measure of the life of Christ in them. Only when they themselves submit to God s authority in them are they able to represent God. Hence there is much we have to learn about how to represent God. By: Watchman NEE

The Release of The Spirit

Anyone who serves God will discover sooner or later that the great hindrances he has in the Lord's work is not others, but himself. He will discover that his outward man (soul) is not in harmony with his inward man (spirit). Both tend to go toward two opposite directions from each other. He will also sense the inability of his outward man to submit to the inner control of his regenerated spirit. His greatest difficulty lies in his outward man, which hinders him from using his spirit. Each one of us has as much of the same "Jacob-nature" in us. Our only hope is that the Lord may blaze a way out of us, breaking our outward man- breaking it to such a degree that the inward man may come out and be seen. This is precious! This is the way to serve the Lord.

power through prayer - E.M. Bounds

Prayer is the key to a dynamic Christian life. Study the quotes of prayerful men--Wesley, Edwards, Spurgeon, and others--that provide helpful suggestions for getting results from God through the power of prayer.

The Seven Practices of Christianity

In contrast to any other religion in the world, Christianity is the only religion where salvation does not come from practices. Salvation is not acquired by works or practices but given by Christ Jesus to whoever believes. In Christianity, God’s acceptance is based on what Jesus has done. We don’t acquire salvation by works or practices but we received salvation from Jesus by believing and accepting Him. However, when we accept the grace of God in our heart we are supernaturally grafted in Christ Jesus as a branch of a tree. Therefore we are expected to produce the exact same fruits as Jesus. This is called the recreation. We become a totally new creature that works contrary to the old.  In this book, we describe the 7 habits Christians must have to manifest and maintain the life of Christ.


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