Our Board Members

The academy is led by a board of directors. This board sets the goals, performance measures, and new initiatives to insure our vision is consistently pursued and achieved. The board ensures that the academy obeys applicable laws and acts in accordance with ethical practices for non-profit institutions.  Prudent use of assets and oversight for all activities are monitored regularly.

Harold Wafo

Real Estate Economist | Mentor | Founder

HAROLD WAFO Is A Real Estate Economist Who Was Born In Cameroon, Central Africa. He Became A Christian At The Age Of Nineteen, The First In A Family Of Seven. He Defended His Master’s Thesis In Applied Mathematics to Computer Sciences And also earned a Master In Economics from the University of South Florida. He started His Career As A Network Engineer and moved up to infrastructure Architect. Now He Is Using All That He Has Learned To Serve The Lord By Revealing His Mysteries In Language And Concepts Easily Understood. He Lives In Florida With His Lovely, Smart And Beautiful Wife Patricia. 


Dr. Phil Gates

Surgeon | BOARD MEMBER | Mentor

DR. PHILIP GATES was born in Texas to a family with a rich tradition of doctors and ministers. Though raised as a Christian, he strayed from God's narrow path for many years. Through life's challenges, he was reawakened to God's way and now seeks to live each day closely in step with Jesus. He works as a surgeon and has helped in the raising of six children. He sees his life as wide variety of experiences that God has used to draw him closer to our Lord.


King Clarence The First, Ph.D

Archbishop | Board Member | Mentor

Bishop Davis advocates the way to stop violence and crime is to bring the sinner to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Under the leadership of Bishop Clarence E. Davis, Sr. many innovative changes have occurred.  Namely, the Royal interior change of the Church's Fellowship Hall, to bring out it's beauty of Kingship, as well as the refurbishing of the interior walls of the Sanctuary.  Leading the congregation on to higher heights to carry out the vision for the Church, Bishop Davis has inaugurated the following ministries: The Executive Council, Praise and Worship, Music in the Sunday School, Evangelism Outreach, New Members Class, Christian Education Department, Christian Women's Ministry, Radio Ministry, Dance Ministry and Women in Pastoral Ministry to name a few.


Rick Keefners

Application Developer | Board Member | Project Manager | Mentor

Rick Keefners  Starting in application development, Rick worked closely with business groups to assess their need to automate business processes. Often serving as project manager, and later as Supervisor, Rick worked closely with other professionals to design and write applications that meet business needs. Later, as Supervisor in a Data Center, Rick cared for the mainframe, servers, routers and switches operating there by monitoring their Network Operation Center.


Patricia Metcalf

Nurse Practitioner | Board Member | Mentor

Pat Metcalf was born in Illinois in a family of 9 children. Her background includes SICU/MICU clinical nursing, various managerial roles, and pharmaceutical sales. Currently, she serves as adjunct nursing professor at a University in Tampa, Florida. She is involved in deliverance, prayer and crisis network, and Canines 4 Christ ministries. She has a 25 year old son and a Shih Tzu who is a Canines 4 Christ therapy dog.



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